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Welcome to BTM!

BTM is a holistic support network for handmade dice artists like you! In designing and executing this program, our first priority is to maintain the artist-centered, creative element of handmade dice-making by advancing the technology that is used to support it. We endeavour to provide as many different useful services as possible in order to assist you in turning your hobby into a business. Our current beta test has seen us offering and testing the following services:

Our initial offerings include our brand new process that allows artists to truly engage in their creativity without being restricted by things such as overly expensive masters and locking you into a single design.

What are these Cubes?

Our first dice production offering is our “Cube” system. We have created a process when you can pour dice without having to pick a design and purchase masters!

You’ve seen the enthralling designs that some handmade dice artists can create with cubes. We’ve taken those and cut them into shape, then engraved them with their original designs, fonts, glyphics, and logos. After polishing and sanding, we send them back to you so you can ink and finish the dice, making them ready for their new owner.

Only the Beginning

This isn’t just cubes. This is so much more. We have many more services in the pipeline that we are excited to share with you as we finalize development. With our goal being to bring you more services that will assist you in achieving your dreams with your business.

Official Release Date: TBA

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